Hunt Pokemon and get real-world rewards

The Pokemon habitat is the same as that of the original game and animated series: Grass types can be found in parks and forests, Water in lakes, rivers, seas, and even fountains. You can get your hands on useful rewards when you visit the PokéStops which are located at popular places, monuments, and other points of interest around town. Replenish your Pokéball stash, along with other items, to be in the best position to catch ‘em all.

Catch ‘em all

Want to catch them all? Well, the time has come to go out and hunt. You’ll find them all around you as you explore different areas of your town or city. Make sure you collect eggs from Pokéstops. Walk to incubate them and hatch new Pokémon based on how long you’ve walked for. Fill the Pokédex with all the Pokémon you come across and evolve those in your possession while catching new additions. Walk in the steps of Ash!

Find your favorite Pokémon and track down the elusive legendary Pokémon as well: Pikachu, Raichu, Blastoise, Venusaur, Blastoise, Moltres, and even Articuno.

Don’t hesitate: download Pokémon GO and catch all the Pokémon that have been ‘discovered’ up until now. Embark on your Pokémon journey and capture as many as possible; from a lowly Pidgey to an impressive Kabuto, Dratini, or even Pikachu himself. The more you walk the more Pokémon you’ll come across.

  • Track ‘em down!

    In Pokémon GO you have to lob the Pokéball towards the Pokémon you want to trap. Some are easy to catch, but others won’t be so straightforward unless you have a higher level of experience—you may even have to know how to throw a curve ball. Make every throw count.

  • Day and night

    Everywhere in the world has different Pokémon depending on whether it’s day or night. Generally, the legendary Pokémon appear at night and in the most prominent locations of the city/town/village you live in. Proceed with caution and get your hands on rare Pokémon worthy of Team Rocket.

  • Different zones

    Are you looking for an Onyx or maybe a Bulbasaur? Grass Pokémon can be found in parks, forests, and gardens, while Rock types can be found lurking in mountains or built-up areas. Don’t leave any place without having a look around—you’ll never know what you might find.

  • Gyms and Pokémon teams

    Go to the closest gym and challenge the leader to a Pokémon battle. If you win, the gym will be in the hands of the team you represent. With that in mind, you’ll need to first choose between the three available teams. Each of them have a different philosophy, but all of them are striving to be the best.

  • Health and strength

    When it comes to choosing a Pokémon for gym battles, it’s important to take a peek at your rival’s Pokémon as well as his/her characteristics; the higher the Combat Power (CP), the stronger they’ll be. The Hit Points (HP) indicate how much resistance they’ll have during the battle.

  • Pokémon evolution

    If you want to own a Charizard or any other final evolution of a Pokémon, you have two options: you can catch one, or catch lots of Charmanders, and with the sweets given out as a result evolve one into a Charmeleon then a Charizard.

Catch and collect

Begin the best Augmented Reality experience with a game that’s as addictive as it is fun: Pokémon GO.